1st Trimester Tips



Usually around week 6 is when most couples find out they are pregnant.  Typically they are clued into the possibility by the woman’s nagging new bodily issues.  Here’s some common symptoms a woman begins to feel during the 1st trimester.  I’ll run through the list then we’ll take a look at what our supportive roles will be for each one. Continue reading

It’s Official

Two and a half years after being told we probably wouldn’t be able to have kids, grieving that loss and pretty much moving on, we’re pregnant!  We had our first ultrasound and while we knew there was a baby growing in there it didn’t feel very real, until now.  We were worried that with our age (35+) and my brother’s recent set of twins, that we’d also be in for a set of multiples.  Thankfully there is just one healthy looking baby!  It’s little heart was pounding away on the monitor which was the first sign of life, a life that I helped create.  I have all sorts of emotions stirring inside from excitement to worry, but I also have a few emotions that I’ve never had before and don’t know how to describe or react to.  I feel kind of like one of those sci-fi movie androids who have just been given an “emotion chip”.  This does not compute. Error. Error. End of line.  I’m sure at some point they will just fall into some sort of extra dad emotions that every other dad has.  Until then they will remain a bit foreign to me.

Peanut,  that’s what we’re calling it for now, had a strong heartbeat at 187 bpm and was 1″ long which was perfect for it’s age.  Due date is SPOT on at March 8th and I’ll be counting down the days from here.  — 217 days till due.



Welcome to NotTheMomma.com, a place where I’ll post my thoughts, reviews, suggestions, trials and tribulations and many other useful/useless facts for stay at homers like me.  I am a father-to-be and an uncle to 3.  I have two twin nieces who are currently 3 years old and a rambunctious 11 year old nephew.   So I have plenty of insight into a wide range of products, tips and tricks.  Hope you enjoy the ride.